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Breastfeeding Support

(Currently unavailable)

Why Aren't We Preparing Ourselves For Breastfeeding?

We often consider all the preparation required for labour and birthing our babies, but forget that the postpartum period, and breastfeeding can require just as much. 
Breastfeeding can be really hard, in fact I find it's more common for a new mom to struggle in some capacity with breastfeeding than for no issues at all. Labour and birth are an intense few hours to days, but breastfeeding may be a 1-2 year experience, so wouldn't it make sense to prepare just as much or, even more so, for a positive breastfeeding experience? 
Some discomfort is common in the first few days postpartum, but pain is not. And this is a common misunderstanding I see in the new mom community, that we expect breastfeeding to be painful. And this misconception is negatively affecting our new moms. When there is pain associated with breastfeeding, there is an issue. Whether it be a positional issue, shallow or poor latch, tongue or lip ties, nipple abnormalities - this is where I can help! I have been trained to help women navigate breastfeeding in all it's capacities.
Whether you are still pregnant and wanting to prepare yourself for your best possible experience,  in your first days postpartum, or months into your breastfeeding journey, I can support you and baby to make the journey a little easier to navigate and more enjoyable for mom and baby.

Prenatal Breastfeeding

Education Workshop

$115  (currently unavailable)

This service is offered either privately at home. Private class includes an in-home visit once mom is 30 weeks pregnant or further. Visit will include:

  • Brief introduction about how milk is produced

  • Different nursing positions

  • On demand vs. scheduled feedings

  • Visual instruction with anatomical breast and baby, on how to properly latch baby

  • Information sheet on how to properly store breast milk

  • Answer any and all questions relating to lactation and nursing

  • All clients who hire this service, will get 25% off postpartum counselling if needed.

  • Provide mom with a breastfeeding "cheat sheet" 

Contact Sarah for details

Postpartum Private Breastfeeding Support

$125  (currently unavailable)

This service is optimal in the first 24-72 hours postpartum. One 2-3 hour consultation is expected in the privacy of your home. 2-3 hours will give us enough time to review your pregnancy, birth, and answer any questions or concerns you have, as well as my assessment on your latch.

  • I will assess baby's latch

  • Assess mom and baby in terms of pain, positioning etc.

  • Make suggestions to adjust anything that may be negatively affecting breastfeeding

  • Provide mom with a breastfeeding "cheat sheet"

  • Provide education on breastfeeding, milk supply and proper milk storage

  • Refer to a medical professional if needed

Depending on the age of baby, sleep time is incorporated into this estimated time. I will follow up with you via phone 24 hours after our meeting, 72 hours, then once a week for 3 weeks. I am available to answer questions by phone or text at any time throughout these 3 weeks.