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Empowered Birth Virtual Doula Support Package

Empowered Birth Virtual Doula Support


Set yourself up for success and give yourself peace of mind, knowing you don't have to do this alone

Package includes:

2-3 prenatal appointments via video conference (Zoom, Skype, FaceTime, What's App, or other platform) with an emphasis on empowering you and your birth partner with the knowledge, skills and confidence to birth your baby.

During these appointments we will:

Help you formulate your birth preferences and understand your options and rights while in hospital

Review the phases & stages of labour so you know when to go to the hospital

Review what to expect at your birth place, and information on current COVID-19 restrictions

Review and walk though comfort measure for birth: birthing positions, breathing and relaxation methods, comfort tools and Spinning Babies techniques

Coach your birth partner to be your doula!  Partners will become confident as your primary support person (handout/checklist included for reference during labour)

Breastfeeding instruction & postpartum discussion

Plus much more, customized to meet your needs!

24/7 phone, text, email support from time of hire


Optional daily check-ins (as needed) in the days leading up to your birthing time

Possible use of TENS machine, birth ball and cover to bring a ball with you

On-call labour support starting at 38 weeks

Continuous or intermittent remote support throughout your labour as needed

Postpartum check-ins and support with baby care or breastfeeding

Throughout the pandemic, restrictions on the amount of support people allowed into hospitals in Edmonton and area vary depending on a particular hospital's COVID outbreak status and what might be happening on any given day.  Some are allowing birthgivers to have two support people with them during labour (ie. Partner & Doula), however that can, and does change.


We are still offering a fully virtual doula support package for those who prefer that option or if the hospital they are birthing at only allows one support person at the time.  This package is the same as our Village Essentials Doula package, with the exception of in-person contact.  It is perfect for anyone living and giving birth in a rural area or outside of our area of service.

We will help you and your birth partner to feel calm, confident and empowered going into the experience.  Together, we will help you navigate your way through your hospital or home birth.  Your doula will be present with you, remotely, as you need throughout your pregnancy, birth and postpartum.

(If you would still prefer to have the option of in-person support in your home during early labour, or prenatal and postpartum appointments, then feel free to choose our Village Essentials Doula package.
In-person support would be dependent on agreement and comfort of both doula and client.
Health and safety precautions such as wearing a mask, gloves and social distancing guidelines would also be considered during in person support.)


Doulas are able to attend in person at home births and births at Lucina Birth Centre.

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