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Doula FAQs

Come to "Meet the Village" to get all your questions answered

Do doulas replace partners?

Doulas do not replace partners, unless that is your wish.  Doulas and partners work together, complimenting each other, to provide a beautiful circle of support for you, each honing in on their strengths.

Do doulas attend only home births?

No, doulas attend births in homes, hospitals and birth centers.  Wherever you choose to birth, we are there to enhance your birth experience.

I am planning on using pain medication (epidural, morphine), can a doula still be a benefit to me?

Yes!  A doula supports your choices.  Doulas support all births and our job does not end when a woman chooses to utilize medical pain relief.  Through optimal positioning, emotional and physical support and encouragement, we can help women achieve empowerment and control in her birth experience.

Will my doula make decisions for me?

A doula does not make decisions for client, rather she provides them with evidence based information so they can make the best decision for themselves.  We, as doulas understand that each woman will envision a different birth experience and we support and embrace each woman's vision.

Do doulas perform any clinical tasks?

No, doulas are not medical professionals and our role is non-clinical in nature.  Doulas abide by their certifying bodies' scope of practice.  Doulas do not deliver babies, check fetal heart rates, perform cervical exams or provide medical advice.  Doulas will however, help you to understand common medical procedures by explanation and providing you with quality research.

What if my doula is unavailable?  Who will attend my birth?

Village Birth Collective doulas work as a team. Through our "Meet the Village" session and our prenatal visits and classes, you will have had the chance to meet and make a personal connection with each of the doulas in our collective.  In the event that your doula is unavailable, you will be provided with a back up doula from our Village Birth Collective team.

Are doulas just for vaginal births? I will be having a planned cesarean, how can a doula help me? 

Doulas support both vaginal and cesarean births.  A doula can be very helpful in elevating your cesarean birth experience by providing you and your partner with a calm, reassuring presence and emotional support on the day of birth.  Doulas can help you navigate the cesarean birth process, obtain information, assist you in advocating for your birth preferences and provide you with immediate postpartum breastfeeding and bonding support.

What is the relationship like between nurses/doctors & doulas?

Doulas are usually welcomed by the medical staff on the L&D unit.  We let them do their job and we stick to ours.  We remain within our scope of practice so there is never reason for any conflict.  We communicate with your doctor or nurse as needed but never speak for you.  Nurses appreciate the extra set of hands as they often have several other birthing mothers they are caring for at the same time.  We happily work alongside your chosen medical care team and are always friendly, respectful and professional.

I have a midwife.  Do I still need a doula?

Well that would be a mother's choice.  A midwife's focus is on the health and safety of you and your baby.  A doula's focus differs and is more about providing you with continuous emotional support as well as comfort.  Typically, your midwife wouldn't be joining you until you are in active labour and are getting closer to having your baby.  A doula often joins you before that and can help you determine when is the best time to call your midwife.  Although our roles do overlap at times, we work as a well-oiled team, providing you with the care and support you need throughout your pregnancy, birthing and postpartum journey.

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