Sleep Consulting Services

With Village sleep expert,

Tayla Malott,

from Mamasaurus

Certified Happiest Baby on the Block Educator, Doula and Prenatal Educator, Certified Sleep Trainer, and IBCLC

We all enter parenthood expecting to lose sleep but nothing can prepare you for the overwhelming love that will fill your heart all day AND night.

Both of my children woke in the night to nurse, cuddle, cry, play, soothe, rock, and just stare at me for many months. This behavior is very normal and to be expected. HOWEVER after months of waking multiple times a night, night after night I became extremely sleep deprived.

The level of sleep deprivation I experienced wasn’t safe or healthy for myself, my baby or my family as a whole unit. At the time I didn’t know how to support my little one safely, effectively and with love so I sought out some help.

My sleep consultant created a plan for us and gave me the support I needed to meet our family goals. From that night on our whole family was more rested and I felt I could be the mother I wanted and needed to be!

Not all babies are the same and no family is the same. I feel it is very important to take many things into account when deciding if sleep consulting is the right choice for you and your baby and what that might look like.  There is much more to the support I offer than what a traditional sleep consultant would.

Some babies need a night feed, some families need to do a nap on the go, whatever your life looks like I pride myself on my ability to accommodate your specific needs and goals. If breastfeeding is important to you like it is to me know that you can protect and enjoy your breastfeeding relationship while supporting your little one to sleep more independently. There is no perfect time to move forward with sleep consulting! I work with younger babies while keeping in feeds and creating an exceptional sleep environment all the way to older children building their confidence and healthy sleep habits. And EVERY age between. If your family needs more rest please invest in the support I offer. It is much more than what a Sleep Sense email or pdf can offer! I have been in your position and I value your values.

Sleep Solution Packages

(The following packages would be available via phone, facetime or skype consults. In home visits are not necessary! 

I offer 15% off for Village Doula clients)

“I just wanted to give a HUGE thumbs up to Tayla! We hired Tayla for our then 4 month old daughter. And we are so happy we did. Having sleep trained my first born (also thru a sleep consultant) I saw such amazing results that I wanted to do the same with my 2nd child, only earlier. I’m such a believer in sleep consultants in part that I need that extra support and encouragement that comes with them, over just trying the training on my own. Tayla customized a plan for our girl, messaged me throughout the days and provided such a support to me. Naps are a breeze and the 12 hour stretches she can go at night are AMAZING. Tayla’s knowledge, commitment and passion for helping babies and families sleep better is what makes her so special and I consider her such an asset to our community. Such a kind personality, and would most definitely recommend her to everyone. Thanks again Tayla for all the sleep we are getting. I have one happy and well-rested baby.”

About Tayla

Before I discovered my love for motherhood I started my career as a paramedic. After years of travels and education, I knew I wanted an exciting job helping people in need. I’ve worked in many cities as a paramedic and eventually moved to fort McMurray! Shortly after, I married my husband and went back to school to become a firefighter. I was hired by the fort McMurray fire department where I have worked for 6 years. Between the travels, education, the big move and marriage I was blessed with two amazing boys, Hudson and Forrest. This is when my passion for everything motherhood blossomed.

My passion for babies and birth began many years before I had my own. As a small girl the only thing I wanted in my future was to be pregnant and have babies! My 2 year paramedic course had a labour and delivery portion in which I excelled. Science and biology is jam! During my travels to Africa I had the pleasure of delivering many babies. This only fueled my love for labour and delivery.

I have had a C section, a vaginal birth, prolapse bladder, a midwife and a doctor. I have dealt with lip ties, tongue ties, poor latch, late milk production, poor milk supply, topping up, pumping, as well as successful breastfeeding! I’ve dealt with all involved in newborn fussing which then lead to sleep issues and finally sleep training! On top of this experience I have a true passion for decorating nurseries and children’s rooms.

One day during my second mat leave a light bulb went off! Although I love being a paramedic/firefighter my true calling is helping mamas with their own motherhood journey. This is what I’m good at and what I love! This is when I started making every thing official. I became a certified Happiest Baby on the Block educator, Doula and prenatal educator, certified sleep trainer, and certified breastfeeding counselor.

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