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Infant Sleep Workshop

with Dr. Seeley

Online Workshop

Did you know that educating new and expecting parents is linked to better sleepers by 6 months?

Let's face it, sleep is a major worry for most expecting parents, yet it is rarely something we seek out information to ease our worry! At Village Doulas, we see the importance of becoming informed about birth, and the postpartum period. A healthy sleep relationship between mom, partner and baby goes a long way, so we are so excited to be partnering up with Dr. Corrine Seeley to offer this wonderful online workshop, designed to support you in getting sleep off to the best possible start!

About the Course:

This workshop is aimed to help educate parents about infant sleep development and give them confidence navigating and understanding all the changes babies go through in their first year. Parents will receive over 200 hours of video content which will cover topics such as newborn sleep (Module 1), changes at 4 months (Module 2), development of self-soothing (Module 3). They will also receive access to Dr. Seeley’s chart of sleep needs and sleep milestone “averages”.  

As a bonus, you will have access to a video library that covers topics such as sleep during pregnancy, finding your new normal, setting up a safe sleep environment, and debunking common sleep myths. PLUS one FREE EMAIL to Dr. Seeley to ask her anything that wasn’t covered!

For a full description on the modules you can

visit the course website here

What will you gain from taking this workshop?

This course will not tell you how to sleep train your baby! But it will give you the background knowledge to make your own informed choices. By the end you will have a strong understanding of infant sleep development (based off research not opinion!), a whole host of tips for your sleep tool-box, and confidence moving sleep forward and filtering out sleep noise.

Research shows that parents who receive sleep education have significantly better sleeping babies by 6 months so get started today! Enroll for just $59.00!

"Dr. Seeley's sleep workshop was one of the most valuable activities I participated in as a new mom. It was a total game changer in the way my baby sleeps. My husband and took the workshop when our baby was 12 weeks old. Up until that point we were following a melting pot of approaches and advice  with only moderate success in helping our baby have regular and restful sleep. The workshop shared extremely valuable, simple to implement tips. After only a few days our baby became a champion sleeper and continues to enjoy good restful sleep."

About Dr. Seeley

Dr. Corrine Seeley is a paediatric sleep specialist and owner of Sleep by Dr Seeley, a practice devoted to educating and supporting families with their little ones sleep.  After spending over 10 years as a sleep researcher and university instructor (Ph.D. Sleep and Brain Development) she had a son and realized how little sleep education there was for families. Through this experience she started running education workshops and helping families one-on-one with sleep support. She has since left academia and helped hundreds of families in Canada and North America with their little ones sleep.