Katherine Kowalski

Hi, my name is Katherine Kowalski.  I reside in rural Strathcona County with my two beautiful daughters and loving husband.  I am a certified birth doula and registered massage therapist.  I have been blessed with two, beautiful, unique and empowering births.  My first daughter was born in 2004 at a hospital and my second daughter in a midwife attended, home water birth in 2010.  Birthing my babies in two vastly different environments has enriched the care I am able to provide to my clients because I have personally experienced both hospital and home birth.  In 2011, I left a career in commercial banking to follow a path I had felt called to for many years.  I began my journey as a birth doula in 2013.  Doula work gifted me with something else I didn't expect; I fell in love with touch and its power to bring comfort and relief to labouring women.  Always fascinated by human anatomy coupled with a desire to learn how to heal with my hands, I decided that returning to school to study massage therapy was my next step on this journey.  In 2016, I became a registered massage therapist and in 2018, I specialized in prenatal and postnatal massage.  I have a passion for blending massage therapy and doula work and it has been a harmonious union. 

My mission in this life is to return birth back to the hands of mothers, and to help women rekindle trust in their bodies and take back their power.  Women need to feel safe and respected during labour in order for the process to unfold naturally.  Within each woman there is an innate wisdom that knows beautifully and exactly how how to give birth.  The best way to harness the power of this wisdom is to be in an environment that feels safe, protected and comfortable.  As your doula, I am your advocate and a guardian of your sacred space.  However your birth unfolds, my support is continuous, calming and comforting.

Additional Training: Registered Massage Therapy, Prenatal and Postnatal Massage Therapy, Spinning Babies

Certified Birth Doula CD(DONA)

Hypnobabies® Hypno-Doula

Registered Massage Therapist (RMTA)


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Kristan & Jeff

Had the most amazing birth experience early this morning thanks to our fabulous doula Katherine! From start to finish, she was calming, patient and so dedicated to helping me stay comfortable through labour, even though it meant massaging my back for hours. Along with my husband and myself, the hospital staff especially enjoyed having her as a part of our team due to her professional, nurturing care. They were especially impressed with the detailed birth plan she helped us to create as it helped them ensure they were offering us the birth experience we wanted. I had never considered a doula before this experience, but now I will never consider birth without one! Thank you again Katherine for your dedicated support! We 10,000% recommend you to anyone looking for a magnificent  birth experience!

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