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Maternal Mental Health - You are not alone

Maternal Mental Health Week! What an amazing time to be introducing you to our Village ! We are elevating the revolution to normalize metal health discussion and this week in particular Maternal Mental health.

In this extremely spiralling world, there is much pressure put on birthgivers. One in ten women develop a mental illness in pregnancy or soon after giving birth. Common contributors are anxiety about miscarriage or healthy outcomes, the struggle of a changing body, discomforts of being pregnant, fear of the unknown of pregnancy and birth. What is not aways part of our wiring is that it is okay to ask for help but even more importantly to be allowed to be Vulnerable.

Brene Brown states, “to be Brave you must be Vulnerable”. We often identify being Vulnerable with being weak, this is a lie. IT is OKAY to NOT BE OKAY. To share emotions and fears to allow for support and nourishment when you are not able to support yourself. It takes love to pick up a baby and it takes strength to pick your self up. When Stress and depression break you down or can cause unhealthy frustration. Overwhelming emotions can leave someone emotionally and physically shattered. When the responsibility of a new life negatively effects the comfort zone, know you are not alone.

Village Birth Collective is all encompassing. Having a Birth Doula as part of your support circle can help you have an empowering informed pregnancy and birth. Childbirth Education Classes will teach you about pregnancy and birth circumstances and how to journey through them with knowledge about your body and baby that align with your values. Postpartum Doula support will ensure the transition of adding your new family member is a secure and nourishing one. Massage, Reiki, Personal Fitness Training and Nutrition during your journey can help you clear stress and anxiety by adding calmness to your body.

“It takes a Village….. Let Us be yours.”

More Local Support for Edmonton and Area: Jennifer Summerfeldt (

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