Prenatal and Postpartum Fitness & Nutrition

With Milly Friedman

Certified Personal Fitness Trainer & Nutrition Coach

The LifeSource Program


This life flexible program takes you on a journey to ELEVATE the FABULOUS in you! Combining personalized nutrition and exercise prescription, expect to have more energy, improved core strength, and balanced posture and an overall feeling of supported wellbeing. You will develop sustainable nutrition habits, and positive body awareness!

Program Breakdown:

  • Full time access membership to our training facility (Evolve Strength - 4825 89 St NW)

  • In person training sessions 

  • Personalized Training Program and Nutrition Coaching

  • Personal LifeSource App to easily track workouts, nutrition, session schedule, trainer messaging and accountability check ins on your mobile device

This program is customized to your specific needs. An initial assessment and goal setting session will be conducted and continually updated with your changing goals and life stages.

Cost: $450 monthly


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