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Water Birth

Many Birthing people choose to seek comfort in the water during the birthing process. 

The benefits of immersion in water have been recognized for centuries. It’s been called “The Midwife’s Epidural”.  Waterbirth International lists the benefits as follows:

  • Water facilitates mobility and enables the mother to assume any position that is comfortable for labour and birth

  • Speeds up labour

  • Reduces blood pressure

  • Gives mother feelings of control

  • Provides significant pain relief

  • Promotes relaxation

  • Conserves mother’s energy

  • Reduces the need for drugs and interventions

  • Gives mother a private protected space

  • Reduces perineal trauma and eliminates episiotomies

  • Reduces cesarean section rates

  • Is highly rated by mothers – typically stating they would consider giving birth in water again; some even stating they would never give birth any other way!

  • Is highly rated by experienced providers

  • Encourages an easier birth for mother and a gentler welcome for baby


We use La Bassine Professional Birth Pools by Made in Water and Passages Pools. 

The pools are available to our doula clients for an additional fee of $125 to cover material costs.  Your doula will look after set up and take down and will bring all supplies needed.  

Birth Pool Kits also available to rent (separate from Doula services).  Pool kits are rented directly from our Doula Milly Friedman.  

Birth pool rental kits include all necessary supplies.  Delivery within Edmonton and area can be arranged for an additional fee.

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