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Jenna Kolesar

Jenna is a mom of 3 (age 7,4 and 2) and a postpartum doula that serves Edmonton and surrounding area families.


She worked as a registered nurse for 10 years in various roles including pediatrics and mental health. Her journey to motherhood and the challenges she faced postpartum after her first two children became some of her biggest lessons and fuel for her passion to support families.


After dealing with breastfeeding struggles, postpartum anxiety and depression she learned more about holistic support for pregnancy and postpartum and the importance of planning for the fourth trimester. She experienced a totally different postpartum with her third baby when she took the time to plan for her rest, support and recovery utilizing food and nutrition.


She studied Ayurvedic postpartum doula care and now provides holistic support for families in their fourth trimesters. Her specialities include food and herbal medicine for recovery and Ayurvedic Belly massage and wrapping. She offers nourishment deliveries and has a line of hand crafted herbal products to support different stages of motherhood.


Her passion is being able to “mother the mother” helping support you through this pivotal transition in your life with compassionate support, practical in home help and guidance on holistic principles of postpartum recovery and baby care.


“Your care in the first 42 days after birth sets the stage for your health for the next 42 years” -Ysha Oakes

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Postpartum Services

Jenna was referred to us by our birth doula and were we ever lucky for that! Jenna's understanding of many postpartum challenges coupled with her inherent warmth make her the perfect doula to care for both new mommy and baby. We feel very fortunate to have worked with someone as kind and lovely as Jenna. On top of all of this she is very professional, always on time and excellent with communication.  


Jenna takes action around the house.  She sees a need and just takes care of it.  I am in a bit of a fog and I don't notice until she has taken care of it.  She is very personable and truly cares for my well being. Whether it is me eating right or having a friend to talk to about what I am experiencing.  She is excellent with the twins and helps me to create a schedule so that our lives can be organized. thanks Jenna. 


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