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Katherine Kowalski (she/her)

My name is Katherine.  I am a DONA Certified Birth Doula, Childbirth Educator and Registered Massage Therapist.  I reside with my family (human and fur) in Strathcona County. I live an active life, hiking and mountain biking being two of my favorite ways to enjoy the outdoors. 


I am passionate about birth, health and wellness, nutrition, herbal medicine and gardening. As a mother myself, I have been blessed with two empowering births.  My first daughter was born at the Royal Alexandra Hospital and my second daughter was born at home in the water assisted by midwives.  Birthing my babies in two different environments has enriched the care I am able to provide to my clients because I have personally experienced both hospital birth and home birth.  My births inspired me to support families in their childbearing years and I began my path as a doula in 2013. 


It is my goal as a doula to help my clients achieve a birth that is empowering and one that leaves them feeling strong, respected and honored.  My mission in this life is to return birth back to the hands of mothers, and to help women rekindle trust in their bodies.  As your doula, I support and respect your choices and vision.  This is your pregnancy, your story.  I would be honored to walk with you as a guide on this journey.


DONA International Certified Birth Doula, Spinning Babies, Certified Hypnobabies Childbirth Hypnosis Doula, Certified GentleBirth Childbirth Educator, Registered Massage Therapist

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I was recently one of Katherine's clients. My baby was born December 12, 2015. I found out my baby was breech at about 36 weeks pregnant and Katherine was such a source of support and inspiration for me during that tough time. I made the decision to try to labor naturally with tons of information provided by Katherine. When the day came for my little girl to be born Katherine was amazing! She made it possible for me to have the birth that I really wanted by reminding me gently but also following my lead. She helped me through my contractions alongside my boyfriend and encouraged me to try different pain relieving techniques even when I didn't want to move. Katherine has become a great friend and is such a great doula! I cannot say enough about her. Thank you so much!

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