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Dawn McCorry (she/her)

Hey there, my name is Dawn McCorry. I live in Edmonton with my husband and three sons.  I have been interested in birth my whole life and it is truly my dharma to be a birth worker. 


During my first labour and delivery I experienced a classic case of the cascade of interventions.  I did different research and prepared myself for my next delivery, which was much more supported and empowering.  For my second and third birth I also had a loving female in the room with me and my husband. I was amazed at the difference it made in my ability to find strength and my voice.  I wanted to be able to give this to other woman and their partners in their pregnancies and births.


I also found my way to the yoga mat after my first pregnancy.  Yoga was huge part of my 2nd and 3rd pregnancies, allowing me to feel more connected to my body as a whole.  My yoga practice was integral in my ability to bring a serene and open environment to my labor and deliveries. I had a newfound trust and connection to the process that I discovered in my asana and mediation practice.


I attended my first birth as a doula in 2010, and it is still one of the greatest days of my life.  I had a nursing infant at home at the time, when he was a bit older I took the leap into birth work. I took my DONA Doula Training and two Yoga Teacher trainings, including my Prenatal Yoga Teacher Training in an 18 month period. I fully entered into birth work in 2012. I love the birthing power that is given to woman through the proper support and education from a birth doula. In addition, the magnificent aftereffects that occur with a greater connection with their babies after a positive birthing experience that will last a lifetime.  I love learning and enjoy taking courses to continue to help my students and clients.  I look forward to passing on the endless benefits of doula support and yoga to you. 

Certified Birth Doula CD(DONA)

Registered 500 hr Yoga Teacher

Prenatal Yoga Teacher

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I have had a hard time writing this because I can not begin to articulate what Dawn meant to my husband and I during my pregnancy, labour and during my postpartum recovery. I’ll start by saying that from the moment you meet her, it is very clear that Dawn is MEANT to be a doula.
It feels like we received the ‘deluxe package’ but after reading other testimonials here it’s brought tears to my eyes – Dawn provides the most exceptional level of love, care, friendship and knowledge to every single one of her clients and makes it look so easy and natural.
I don’t think I would describe myself as a ‘calm’ person but with Dawn’s guidance and care I truly went into labour calm, happy and feeling empowered. At some point in my 30 some hours of labour I told Dawn that it should be ILLEGAL for women to give birth without a doula and I stand by that! I will not hesitate to have Dawn with me for all of my future pregnancies, labour and deliveries. She is ‘my people’.

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