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About our Collective

Village Birth Collective was created by five like-minded doulas, in an effort to create one place that pregnant families can go to for all things desired in the birthing years.  With the wide variety of education, knowledge, and experience each of us have, we are able to help families take their first step into parenthood knowing they have a whole village of support behind them.


This collective was not only created to be a village for our clients, but a village for each other.  Birth work is demanding, and so knowing we have each other to lean on for support and knowledge allows us to be the best doulas we can be.  We all met as members of the Doula Association of Edmonton and somewhat randomly came together.  Shortly after we did, it became very clear how similar we are in terms of care for our clients, dedication to this work, continuing our education, and desire to continually evolve and do better.  This merger of minds and bodies empowers each of us to create a level of support we weren't able to provide before. 


By hiring within the collective, you choose your primary doula and are encouraged to attend our monthly "Meet the Village" information session where you have the opportunity to meet and get to know the other doulas in the collective.  This means if your primary doula should ever require back up for your birth, you have already met the person who will attend your birth in their place.


Not sure which doula you'd like to hire?  Great!  Come to "Meet the Village", which is essentially a consult, but with all five of us.  We will discuss what we do, our backgrounds, how we can support you and answer any questions you may have.  It is a chance for each of us to talk to you to give you an idea of who we are.  From there you can decide if you'd like to speak with any of us privately.  You may then take the time you need to think things over and when you're ready, contact the doula you feel is the best fit for you.


Meeting the Village also means that if you should ever desire other pregnancy and birth related services, we can offer many of them to you, without ever having to go through meeting and trying to build rapport with someone new.  Want a Massage?  Breastfeeding Consult?  Reiki Treatment?  Nutrition Support?  Postpartum Support?  We've got it.

Let us be your village.

Our Philosophy

Supporting Your Unique Journey

We believe birth to be a normal, natural process and that women have an innate ability and strength to bring forth new life.  Research has found that continuous support during labour is associated with a more positive birthing experience.  When mothers feel safe and respected, the birth process is more likely to unfold naturally.

We respect a family's choices and honor them in a non-judgmental way, providing evidence based information as needed, helping you make more informed decisions along the way.

We also recognize that birth can sometimes be unpredictable and it may not always follow the path you envision.  We are there to be a constant, reassuring presence, helping you advocate for yourself.  As certified doulas, we remain within our scope of practice, seamlessly working alongside your chosen care provider.  We respect their expertise, while at the same time, fulfilling our role as your doula.

Village Birth Doulas hands
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Birth Doula, Photographer, Childbirth Educator, Lactation Educator

Heather Hill

I am at my happiest when I have found something to nurture, grow or create. I love cooking and baking, gardening, sewing, making or fixing something!  I love being outdoors in my garden, camping at a lake, or going for walks in nature.  Yoga is my passion, combining strength, calm and focus.  I found my hobby of photography as a young parent, and since then I cannot stop myself from capturing life as it unfolds around me.  I view life as a gift where we must embrace our experience to grow.

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