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About our Collective

Village Birth Collective was established in 2017 in the Edmonton Area.  It began with several doulas coming together to support one another in birth work, with the intention of providing more comprehensive support to their clients.


We have specifically built our village with a range of expertise, yet remain true to a common belief system about birth work.  We each hold various certifications and training to offer professional level support.  We have extensive experience in birth work ranging from 5 years to 25 years of supporting families!


Ultimately, we work together to provide a village of support for our clients.  Each doula works with their own contracted families, but if there is something a family needs, we reach out to the other doulas in our village to fill that gap.  You might hire one doula as your Birth Support, but later find that you would benefit from a prenatal education class, massage, or fetal positioning consultation, or Rieke, or lactation support, or yoga, or Hypnobabies or want a birth photographer, or a postpartum doula, or…. (The list goes on!)


We have you covered by collaborating with doulas in our village to provide the comprehensive services you may need.  As new parents we “don’t know what we don’t know”, but your doula will help you navigate that dilemma, ready with resources and colleagues to fill the need.


Today our village still has the underlying goal of supporting one another as birth workers.  We recognize that the families we serve benefit from the services of a doula who has a strong back up and support system.  As doulas we support one another with learning, growth, professional support, and with practical aspects of doula work like safety checks, coffee breaks, and words of wisdom and comfort.  We doula one another, so we can better serve our clients.


We encourage you to explore our doula bios, and reach out to us through this Village Website, or to the doula directly who resonates with you.  We offer group or solo consultations to ensure you have a good fit with your doula.

Our Philosophy

Supporting Your Unique Journey

We believe birth to be a normal, natural process and that women have an innate ability and strength to bring forth new life.  Research has found that continuous support during labour is associated with a more positive birthing experience.  When mothers feel safe and respected, the birth process is more likely to unfold naturally.

We respect a family's choices and honor them in a non-judgmental way, providing evidence based information as needed, helping you make more informed decisions along the way.

We also recognize that birth can sometimes be unpredictable and it may not always follow the path you envision.  We are there to be a constant, reassuring presence, helping you advocate for yourself.  As certified doulas, we remain within our scope of practice, seamlessly working alongside your chosen care provider.  We respect their expertise, while at the same time, fulfilling our role as your doula.

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