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Samantha Hyvarinen (she/her)

Hello! I am Samantha and I can not wait to support you and your family through your birthing and postpartum journeys. 


I am originally from Toronto and have lived all over the east coast, from Newfoundland to Montreal. I moved to Edmonton and studied Human Resources at NAIT and graduated with a Degree in 2011. Shortly after graduating, I got married to a wonderful man and had three children of my own, Owen (10), Lauren (6), Osten (4).  After the birth of my children, I became passionate about pregnancy, birth, postpartum, and empowering women. My doula inspired me to be an advocate for prenatal and postpartum care.  I then decided that becoming a birth and postpartum doula was the right path for me.


I attended my first birth in 2020 and I never looked back. I have been spending the past couple years starting my own doula business and recently joined The Village. I believe that every birth journey is different and we should treat it as such. I want to be able to educate and advocate for any birthing person. I want to be able to hold and share space, and create a beautiful birthing environment. I want to educate and empower you and your support team to advocate for yourself in whatever birth setting. My goal is to leave you with a joyous and memorable birthing experience.

DONA Trained Birth Doula 

DONA Trained Postpartum Doula (Services Coming Soon)

Childbirth Educator - Douglas College (Services Coming Soon)

Member of Doula Association of Edmonton 

Member of Doula Association of Alberta 

Certified Standard First Aid - Level C

Bilingual French and English 

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Mother and Daughter
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